Our Qualifications
We Offer:
Structured Wiring Services, Inside Plant (ISP) including:
• Multimedia cabling systems, Shielded and Unshielded twisted pair systems, Fiber Optic Networks, Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing, Air Blown Fiber systems, Video, Security, Access Control Systems,  CATV, CCTV, Wireless, all design, implementation, testing and Certification documentation.
• We also provide legacy cabling systems auditing and Certification testing.

Infrastructure Consulting and Support Services including:
• Perform data collection from all available sources such as building drawings and architectural plans, survey plans and utility easements.
• Conduct a building survey noting the location of telecommunication entrances, conduit routes, conduit availability and fill ratios, riser locations, and telecommunication closets including the operating telephone companies point of demarcation.
• Perform space analysis and design of all telecommunications' closets including electric and lighting specifications, support structure and vendor supplied electronics specifications.
• Develop the final engineering and construction specifications.
• Develop the final engineering, construction and installation costs.
• Finalize construction and installation schedules.

Engineering and Construction Services, Outside Plant (OSP) including:
• Substructure, Duct systems, Manhole systems, Air Blown Fiber ducts, Aerial and Direct Buried installations, Directional Boring, Cable placement and Termination (copper, fiber, coax), Cable splicing (copper, fiber, coax). Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing (ISP-OSP)

Communications Networking services including:
Voice Systems
• Design, implementation, and maintenance of electronic key, PBX, Centrex, ISDN, telecommunications systems.
• Installation of Hubs, Routers, and Switches.

Video Systems
• Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of Campus and Security Video Systems.

Professional Services
• Systems and management consulting
• Project management services

• Sales of Voice, Data, and Video and Access Control equipment

Acess Control and Security Systems

We design, install and maintain systems that integrate Intrusion, Video Survelliance, Access Control and Monitoring applications

NDN is a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Maryland and Virginia.